About New Zealand Herbal Brew

New Zealand Herbal Brew offers herbal teas that fall into two categories; the first is for pleasure –
focusing on aroma,  flavour and interest; and the second is for good health, focusing on assisting
with common ailments and  conditions.

Herbs and other ingredients are certified organic or wild-crafted (each product will state which
ingredients are organic versus wild-crafted), with ingredients sourced both locally and internationally.
As few herbs are organically grown in New Zealand, many are sourced from overseas and these are
always certified organic.  

Echinacea - New Zealand Herbal Brew
Rebecca Stenbeck New Zealand Herbal Brew

Rebecca Stenbeck


A love for nature

New Zealand Herbal Brew herbal teas are formulated by Rebecca Stenbeck, a trained Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist, who loves to create things.  Starting out as a child, she loved to garden, grow cuttings off her Nana’s plants, pick flowers, bake, sew and draw etc., so blending herbal teas was a natural progression for her.

Floral Tea by New Zealand Herbal Brew

Beautifully healthy,
Natures own medicine

The traditional medicine of all cultures was found within their environment and often sourced from plants.  Leaves, roots, stems, flowers and seeds have long been on the planet to nourish us.