The Craft of Brewing Tea

Brewing Hot Infusions

Infusions are the usual way we brew tea where herbs are left to steep in boiled water for 3-5 minutes.
This allows for the flavour, aroma and constituents to be released.  The tea can then be consumed either
leaving the herbs still in the brew or straining and removing them.

We recommend our teas are brewed by way of hot infusion, although the other methods may be
used if you wish.  Each method will result in a different tea

Hot Tea - New Zealand Herbal Brew


With decoctions, herbs are either placed in a pot with cold water and brought to the boil, or added
to a pot with boiling water where they are left to boil for 15-20 minutes. 
The tea is then strained
to remove the debris and consumed once cool enough.  A different range of constituents are released
through the boiling process, with less aroma, less of the delicate flavours and more bitterness

Cold Infusions

Cold infusions are where the herbs are left covered, in cold water, overnight to allow the constituents
to be released.  This is more typically used for mucous-containing fresh herbs that are not suited
to heat extractions.  The tea is then strained and consumed at room temperature within a day of making.

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