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Our scrumptuous Chai Honey from THE HERBALIST in Kumeu, Auckland comes in a 240 gram jar and is packed with spicy-sweetness.  The perfect gift for any Chai-loving person.

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Product Description

Our Chai Honey is made under our sister brand, THE HERBALIST, and is created from honey collected from our own bee hives located in Kumeu, Auckland.  It is raw and unpasteurised.

We have blended our honey with cinnamon, coriander seed, cloves, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and black pepper to create a deliciously spicy and sweet honey.  Use it liberally in making beverages, spread it on your toast or add it to your baking and salad dressings.


Chai Honey Beverage Blending Guide

Using a 250-300ml cup, add 1 heaped teaspoon of Chai Honey to the cup.  You can simply enjoy it just with hot water or a combination of hot water and milk, or make the drink with milk alone.

To create a Chocolate Chai Drink or a Herbal Coffee Substitute Chai Drink, add 1 heaped teaspoon of Chai Honey along with either 1 teaspoon of Dutch Cocoa or 1 teaspoon of Herbal Coffee Substitute (or add them both together)  and boiled water to a cup.  Mix well.  Milk of any kind can be added or you can make the drink with hot milk instead.

To create a Chai Tea, add 1 heaped teaspoon of Chai Honey to your cup, then add a 1/2 teaspoon of Black Tea to a tea infuser  and add that to the cup also.  Fill with hot water and allow to steep for 2-4 minutes, depending on how strong you prefer your tea.  Milk of any kind can be added or you can make the drink with hot milk instead.

  • As honey can crystalise over time, crystals can be removed by gently heating the honey.
  • Re-purpose your jars once the contents have been used.  These are great jars for storing spices, seeds or homemade condiments, or can be used to store things like sewing supplies or man-shed supplies.



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