Herb Salt – Purple Basil


We have created two Herb Salt blends that pair well with just about every savour dish imaginable.  Everything from roasted meats and vegetables to steamed vegetables to poached eggs will taste even more delicious with our Herb Salt Rosemary which also contains Chives and Garlic.

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Made under our sister-brand THE HERBALIST, we have two Herb Salt blends available using herbs harvested and dried from our own herb garden.  Herb Salt Purple Basil and Herb Salt Rosemary are a great way to add extra flavour to any dish and are a delicious and quick way to add lots of flavour to roasted vegetables, meats or fish, steamed vegetables, salad dressings, savoury scones and much more.

Use as you would for regular salt.


Herb Salt Purple Basil Ingredients

Purple Basil Leaves, Chives, Garlic Granules and Pink Himalayan Salt.

  • Each jar contains approximately 60g.
  • Purple Basil adds a lovely colour and flavour to dishes, almost bringing a touch of ‘pesto’ typed flavour to meals.


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