Herbal Tea Blending Masterclass

Herbal Tea Blending Masterclass for Professionals – Learn the skill of blending herbal teas from a flavour perspective to create your own range of herbal teas, herbal sodas, herbal tinctures for use in cocktails and to assist in pairing food with herbs.

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Herbal Tea Blending Masterclass for Professionals is an online program formulated to teach the skill of herbal tea blending from a flavour perspective to food and beverage professionals.  This skill is easy to learn and whether you are a chef or mixologist, or you want to start your own herbal tea business, or perhaps you have an interest in learning how to blend herbal teas for your own enjoyment, this online program will teach you everything you need to know.  Although it was created for industry professionals, this masterclass is suitable for anyone with a keen interest in learning herbal tea blending.

This is an online course that you can complete in your own time, consisting of 14 modules teaching you everything you need to know about blending herbal teas in order to create amazing and delicious tasting herbal beverages.  You can access the program 24/7 for 365 days.  All modules contain video instruction, along with PDF downloads of templates and our Herb Flavour Wheel.

Take a fresh look at beverage innovation by learning the skill of blending  flavour-based herbal teas – a skill that can be used to create your own range of herbal teas for serving hot or cold, herbal sodas, herbal tinctures and bitters and many other beverages.

Lesson Contents

  1. How To Blend Herbs Safety, Including Where To Find Reputable Information About Herbal Safety And What To Look For. This Module Also Includes Information On Packaging And Labeling Teas For Retail
  2. Measurements, Volumes And Equipment Needed
  3. Understanding Your Palate
  4. An Introduction To The Herb Flavour Wheel
  5. All About Herb Flavour Profiles
  6. How To Taste And Categorise By Flavour Individual Herbs Along With Building Your Own Herbal Compendium
  7. Getting Started: Deciding What Flavour Tea To Blend & Basic Flavour Blending Guides
  8. Considerations For Tea Service Along With Milk-Based Teas
  9. How To Taste Herbal Teas
  10. Herb Batch Variation, Recipe Scaling & Herb Storage
  11. Fresh Herb Teas, Herbal Syrups & Tinctures
  12. How To Build A Herbal Tea Blending Kit
  13. How To Wild Craft Your Own Herbs
  14. Examples Of Meal Pairings


Click on the below link or copy it into your browser to get started today.  New Zealand enrollments: NZ$99.00




3 reviews for Herbal Tea Blending Masterclass

  1. Ray Nicholls, Business Owner, Ch’i Drinks Workshop

    “Rebecca brought her Herbal Tea Blending program into our business to train and inspire our team. Her preparation and material is outstandingly professional. She delivered her program with a contagious enthusiasm. With this inspiration and pathway to our own knowledge we have gone on to develop our own ideas which will be transformational.” Ray Nicholls, Business Owner, Ch’i Drinks Workshop, New Zealand (www.chidrinks.com)

  2. K.S., Auckland

    “The course was a lot of fun – straight to the point and not unnecessarily lengthy. Thank you for creating a valuable product.”

  3. Emi Munteanu, Helena Bay Lodge

    “I found Rebecca’s Tea Blending Masterclass very comprehensive and easy to follow. You can view and learn the course online as well as using the downloaded version in PDF for future reference such as staff training. The course is well priced with friendly customer service.”

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