Liquorice Root Tea (Certified Organic) Pouch


Certified Organic Liquorice Root Tea.

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Liquorice Root Tea is a lovely herb that can be used in both cooking and baking.  It combines well with savoury stews, can be added with five spice to stir fries and complements chocolate, ginger and citrus desserts.  As a tea, it can be enjoyed hot or added to hot chocolate to make a delicious winter drink.

There are many warnings for the use of liquorice, please see below.

All of our herbal teas / herbal supplements are made using New Zealand ingredients (where possible) or sourced from certified organic international growers.



Certified Organic Liquorice Root

  • Convenient re-sealable pouch; contains approximately 45g of tea.


Warnings, Interactions & Contraindications
  • Do not take liquorice root tea if you suffer from any type of liver disorder or disease, hypertension, hyperkalaemia, any type of kidney disorder or disease, congestive heart failure, oedema or are taking potassium depleting drugs.
  • Do not take liquorice root tea if you are pregnant.
  • Do not consume liquorice root tea on a regular basis for more than six months due to liquorice’s ability to deplete potassium levels in the body.


Dosage & Serving Details
  • Drink as required up to TWO cups of tea per day.
  • Add ONE teaspoon of tea to 250mL of boiled water and allow to brew (steep) for 3-5 minutes.

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