Rose Buds – Pink (Certified Organic) Pouch


Rose Buds Pink, Certified Organic by New Zealand Herbal Brew

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Rose Buds make a lovely fragrant tea and can be used either on their own or blended with other herbs such as hibiscus flowers or green tea.  With a beautiful but delicate aroma and flavour, this is versatile ingredient that can be used in cake decorating, baking, cocktails or other culinary uses or can be used in skincare products such as soaps.



Certified Organic Rose Buds, Pink.

  • Convenient re-sealable pouch contains approximately 20g of buds.


Warnings, Interactions & Contraindications
  • None known.


Dosage & Serving Details
  • Drink as required up to five cups of tea per day.
  • Add one heaped teaspoon of buds to 250mL of boiled water and allow to brew (steep) for 3-5 minutes.
  • Great for decorating cakes and garnishing meals, salads and cocktails.  Infuse in spirits or water to create flavoursome beverages.



Pouch, Small Jar


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