Decorating Baking With Dried & Fresh Edible Flowers

Baking With Flowers by New Zealand Herbal Brew

One of the simplest and very vibrant ways to decorate your baking is with dried and fresh edible flowers.  Using flowers such as:

  •  rose
  • lavender
  • cornflower
  • elder flower
  • hibiscus
  • fennel or dill flowers
  • red clover
  • borage
  • dandelion
  • viola
  • nasturtium are among many of the edible flowers readily available. 

Try colouring your icing with different colours to enhance the flowers or petals.  Using a combination of fresh and dried flowers, along with a crunchy component such as chopped nuts or coconut flakes, crushed meringue, crushed freeze-dried fruit or shards of toffee brittle can also add interest to your baking decorations.

If foraging for fresh edible flowers from your garden, always ensure correct plant identification first before using the flowers in food preparation.

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